Currently Offering Full Care and Self-Care Boarding starting at $500 per month


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Call or Text Sarah Baker at 910-992-1337 to make an appointment to see the farm or reserve a spot for your horse today! 

Fox Lake Farm has 16 stalls in the primary stable and 3 in the pony barn. Full board care is available and inquiries should be directed to Adele Baker. Stalls are full size 12′ x 12′ with open 12′ aisle way. The barn is an old design for great air flow. There are two wash stalls, one large tack room & one small tack room, tack cleaning room with washer/dryer, bathroom, separate shower and feed room. Hay is stored away from the stable. Bedding is shavings over rubber mats.



Current boarders are adults that range from pleasure riding to just dressage to combined training. Individual pasture turn out is available or turn out with other horses. There are 12 pastures ranging in size. Most pastures have run-in sheds; all pastures have trees and shade. Horses are fed every morning and every evening according to the individual horses program and supplements needed. Summer is evening turn-out and winter is day-time turn out. Several types of hay are available again depending on the horse and its needs.


Please see the Facilities page for a description of amenities on the farm ranging from the indoor arena to the two outdoor arenas and cross country course. Boarders can select their own farrier and veterinarian or they can use the ones the Baker’s use.

Please call or email Adele for current rates. Full board care is offered for one price which includes feed, hay, blanketing, turn-out. Additional services such as meeting farriers & holding horses can be arranged in advance with an additional charge. Over sized horses or horses with special needs can be arranged with the special services priced as needed.

The farm requires a boarding agreement and a rider release.  Please read over the farm rules.


For More information or to reserve your spot today, please call Adele Baker at 919-946-0279